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diatrue mobile
DiaTrue Mobile
  • Embedded 5.8” screen.
  • Portable & light weight.
  • Flat tray & ring tray 8 x 8 cm.
  • With 360-degree rotating ring holder and earring holder.
  • Results in seconds.
diatrue cs2

  • Embedded touchscreen computer.
  • A mid-sized scanner with two 6 x 6 cm trays, for Melee (parcel) or ring settings.


  • Embedded 6.2” screen.
  • Tray size 16 x 16 cm.
  • Smart stone tray, jewelry tray and loose stones tray.
  • And with 360-degree rotating bracelet and ring holder.

diatrue cx

  • Embedded touchscreen computer.
  • Is a larger scanner with a 13x10 tray space, for all kinds of jewelry combinations, including larger parcels of melee stones, loose diamonds.
  • Is execellent for detection of loose diamonds, lab grown like CVD or HPHT and big jewelry.

DiaTrue CXL2

  • Embedded touchscreen computer.
  • 3 tray levels with 13 x 17 cm tray.
  • Made with extra height for large multiple mounted bracelets and for all types of jewelry and mounted combinations Melee parcels and loose diamonds.

diatrue jumbo

  • Embedded touchscreen computer.
  • 3 tray levels, huge measurable tray area 21 x 30 cm.
  • Made with extra height for large multiple mounted bracelets and for all types of jewelry and mounted combinations Melee parcels and loose diamonds.

diatrue galileo

  • Tests Loose stones
  • Testing Pendants, Earrings and small jewelry.
  • 360 Rings holder.
  • Detect as small as 0.02mm stones and higher
  • Built-in high-end Smartphone with high camera Resolution
  • Built-in Certificate generator for sharing and printing
  • Test results sharing via email (wifi) or whatsapp (SIM card)
  • Checks near colorless diamonds (D - K)

diatrue crystal

  • Number of rings in a tray 20
  • Loose diamond checking area at once around 100 carats
  • Rotating fingers for rings, bracelets, earrings.
  • Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 4A TO 24V 2A
  • Screen Device: Laptop or Computer screen
  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • Body Color: Silver
  • Weight: approx.4.2 Kg
  • Machine's Dimensions: w 19 h 22 L 25 cm
  • Tray size 16x9 cm

Manufacturer's warranty
The device is guaranteed by the manufacturer : OGI Systems. At request, a contract for post-warranty service can be concluded. important disclaimer
OGI Systems shall not be responsible for any damage or lose resulting the use of the Diatrue detector and under no circumstances shall OGI Systems, Its manufacturer or any of its subsidiaries, distributors, licensors, resellers, servants and no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Technical support
Advice on device usage can be requested by mail to: support@ogisystems.com, support@ogitech.com, belgium@ogisystems.com

Some of the stones that are shown as “Refer” are to be send to a gemological laboratory (they have a set of very expensive equipment) , so the authenticity of the diamonds can be assured with a 100% level of confidence.

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