DiaTrue Coda diamond tester
Coda diamond tester

CODA Identify CVD And HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds

CODA Identify a wide range of gemstones, including lab-grown (CVD & HPHT), moissanite, cubic zirconia (CZ), and even CZ with CVD coating – all in a single scan!

  • Detect Synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD methods.
  • Checks single, loose or mounted diamonds, CZ & Moissanite (including those coated with CVD)
  • detect colorless diamond (Color D to K)
  • Tests Mounted Jewelry and Loose stones
  • detect as small as 0.02mm stones and higher
  • Built-in high camera Resolution
  • Fast real time 360º check for Rings, Bracelets, Watches and other delicate Jewelry
  • Built-in Certificate generator for sharing and printing
  • Sharing test result to you clients
  • Checks near colorless diamonds (D - K)
  • Manual Mode for jewelry or loose stones on full tray mode (with handy image reference menu)
  • Auto Smart Detection Mode for loose seperated stones in special tray (BLUE - Natural Diamonds, RED - HPHT Lab grown, PINK - CVD Lab grown, BLACK - Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Moissanite )
  • Automatic update from the website

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